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Baby Alpaca Yarn From Peru Offering FREE Samples

Imported directly from Peru

While traveling through Peru on vacation we found some of the best yarn in the world for an amazing price. Our mom is obsessed with knitting and we were asked (told) to bring some back and Pick of the Knitter was born. We are a family owned business and work hard to take care of our customers, which is why you can call us anytime and talk to a real person.

Get your next project started

Not only are we the premier online source for authentic baby alpaca yarn from Peru, but we want to help you get the inspiration you need for your project. That’s why we have compiled coutless designs and patterns from around the web for you to use!

Fast Delivery + FREE Samples

We know that the right yarn can make or break your project and is integral to enjoying your experience. That’s why we offer FREE samples of our baby alpaca yarn. Just fill out some basic details and we will send you some free samples. 

Easy to Shop

We offer free samples, quick and easy ordering online and the best prices. 

Quality Brands

We import our product directly from Peru and we know our suppliers well, meaning you not only save big $ but get a product you can trust. 

Quality Customer Service

We ship our product to you from Houston, TX or Raleigh, NC and you can always call us to ask questions or resolve an issue.

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Baby Alpaca Yarn From Peru

We source the finest baby alpaca yarn straight from Peru, which not only gives you a high quality product but gives you the best price. We are currently selling our product through Etsy, but are working on our own shop – so click below to be taken to Etsy to purchase and stay tuned for our updated site! Click below to learn more about our story and how we got into the baby alpaca yarn game. 

Bulk Yarn Quotes

Looking to make a large project with 20 or 30 (or more) 50 gram skeins? We have large quantities of yarn available in our warehouses in Raleigh and Houston, and can place an order for what we don’t have to ship in from Peru. If we have it in stock we can get it anywhere in the US within a few days, and if we need to order from Peru it might take a couple weeks. So let us know if you are looking for a large order and we can help you directly, saving you money! 

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