It’s been a busy week at our house. We are having new windows and siding installed. Just to make life a little more fun, we also decided to upgrade the internet by having CAT5 cables run throughout the house.

Consequently there have been several crews moving in and out of the house all day long. At the end of the day, I need something to help me recenter. Knitting has always been my calming place; the basic act of repeated knit or purl stitches helps to relax and reorganize my life.

So in this article I wanted to focus on some ideas for Halloween knitting projects with it almost being October.

I wanted something simple to work on, such as a hat knitted in the round using yarn from my recently expanded stash. Like I mentioned in my last blog, staying at home for four months with only the internet and my credit card for company, has led to quite an increase in my stash.

As I went through my yarn, I was drawn to one of my favorites in this cone of heathered orange baby alpaca. The color makes me so happy and reminds me of Halloween. It is in a 3/10 weight which is similar to fingerling. I have used this same yarn both held double for hand knitting and machine knitting on a standard gauge machine.

Orange Yarn for Halloween Knitting Ideas

Plus, when I woke up this morning, it was cold. That means I can now start making some Halloween fun!. My plan is to make a simple two color hat with a Halloween motif. If you haven’t knitted all summer, small projects such as cuffs, mitten, hats, bags and socks can be a great way to get your nimble back. The colors of the alpaca yarn don’t need to be complicated and can be as simple as black and white, or with a splash of orange and you are well on your way to having your boo on. 

For inspiration, this website by has some great ideas for simple fairisle projects for Halloween. 

Going through Pinterest for further ideas, I found these perler patterns. Since they are designed on a grid pattern just like knitting I thought they would be a great jumping off point for fairisle. Below are a few examples of projects that you could attempt. Happy knitting!

Scaredy Cat Knitted Hat

“Scaredy Cat” Knitted Hat

Halloween Knitting Project Pumpkin

Knitted Halloween Pumpkin

Ruby Slippers Under Door

Knitted Ruby Slippers

Knitted Candy Bowl Halloween

Knitted Candy Bowl

Halloween Hat

Knitted Halloween Hat

Candy Bowl With Bugs Halloween

“Bugged Out” Candy Bowl